Hi Guys !

My own game is in process of creation.... with a bunch of brainstorming and sweats....

Read about me, because I'm working now as well on site for the game that normaly will be launch end of 2022.

Bunch of stuff will appears slowly on site ! Ideas and texts are slowly growing, so it's for the moment a kind of brain mix before everything will be fixed ! Thanks for your patience.
GGGGGGgggg ^^

Some peacful days in family before to restart to work on my game.

I'll relax inject from time to time some L5R cards in my ebay shop...

The new Warlord data base version will be asap available. But patience ....
It has already takes me hours and hours to do it ...

My game:

* I'll update asap the first list of incomes cards.

(There'll be a bunch of them based on real stats).
Normaly the First basic ed will contains something like 100 differents incomes cards.... I create them one by one ....and sometimes ....once takes me one day to do.....

* Due to some hard programming stuff (as well for my hands...), the game will be publised first in english language.

But I'll try to have apart:

- Rules in french (anyway it's my mother tongue...).
- Deck: countries cards in french.
- But incomes cards and army units cards will be only available in english (anyway if you play some other CCG that's will be not difficult).
- Anyway some stuff will be free to download.

* I'm now buzzy on units cards. The first unit cards will contains round 60 differents units.
So I'm working now on the process to play them in the meantime their creation.
It's funny guys....... ^^

* Yep ... Tokens you'll ask me ?
Heu... yes I'll need to create some for a more clearer game playing technics.
So fans of tokens keep ready.
I'll try to make some funny things for them ^^
The game is based on a the earth geographical reality state and the human managing on it . Explanations texts of countries are only present to give some historical explanations for player. The countries and "new countries" that has been created are based on autonomous regions or other special cases. They are only present to give some more fun to the AFTER GAME.

In no anyway political view or political tendencies will be given in any forms ^^

This game is there and the game is called AFTER, so it's something to build in a perhaps...., short futur but in the game !

25/06 Other Article: "The best way to destroy a 30 years Nice old CCG Came" (a Manual Mode to do it quickly) :
For this simple example, I'll not enunciate the name of the game. It's a CCG Game that I have collect and sell since 1994 (even in store) and have played it a bunch meanly Tabletop or with friends at home.

So the goog way now ! :

- Put a Mondial "health crisis type card" on the table but not specialy if the economical situation was already not very good before that.

- This situation pushed most of players to play online, of course there's no more tabletop due to a confinment.

- Extend the online playability of the game to his paroxysm to not loose too much players but mostly to win a bunch of new ones online.

- Use your 30 years back cards catalogues to increase the online wealth.

- But you need "cash flow" and more "cash flow" in this situation to keep the "rudder"... you must increase the printing physical delay of expansions. That will reach to a quickly decrease of cards value. It means that a good card shortly previously printed will have his value goes of course quickly done.
So you will reach to the fact that a good playable card will have no any more value.

In a CCG game this is the "Alert point" of near "end" of the game.
By the way, it's the same if you don't need to update more your prices each morning or if you see that the most best selling card doesn't see his value price increase.

- In the meantime, you see that some tournaments formats are no more possible due to this "Health situation". In this example, I'll take a tournament format that use afa the 5 latests expansions of the game.
This is not more possible because of course forbidden to play it in a closed area.

So the best way, his too push another kind of game format that still be play in a restricted family area. Let's say a kind of format that can use only one card of each type in a deck.
So to keep thoses kind of players, the good idea is too reprint quickly tones of non-sense cards to not loose this kind of tabletop players.
Use same pics for cards to reduce the authors cost.

- Don't pay attention to collector's or players from almost 30 years, anyway we have jump to a new "generation" when players mostly play online now.
So don't care about them they will no more increase your incomes.

- For new game mechanics, it's so easy ... during the past years when all where financialy beter, you have acquired a bunch of other copyrights from other CCG game.
So ideas are easy to find. Make them alive !

- Expand new possible markets is as well a good way to reach some good results. Thoses new markets will bring you new players and will extand your lifetime. In our example, I'll take the estern friendly countries of Europa.
Decrease for them slightly the purchase price of your products, but don't forget to keep for other area countries of the same continent the same purchase products price, this'll make a good financial balance anyway.

- Due to the online increase requests, you can also give the opportunity to acquire for new players (oldest as well by the way) some unique products that will be only available online for short time.
New pics, back catalogue from 30 years can be used and Pre-orders is the best way to know how many you must print as products. Its' a fixed direct incomes.

- No let's call this game: "We'll still be there".

This is some thoughts of course with some tears around my eyes.

Those kinds of way to do will not happen in my game.
Thats'why I'm working hard alone...

So the following points will be Fixed for it (buzzy one...):

1- A card will not be re-printed for my game or if it'll be ... there will be with a new illustration or with a rules erratas.

2- The Printing delay of a new products will respect each players "pockets".
It means that the delay between new products will keep: a playability of fun delay for the product.
Players must have the time to enjoy it, to play it several times.
It means finally that a product will be play during several months before to see a new extension.

3- Some products will be available for free to complete the game and for the "pockets" of everyone.

4. There'll be no promo for entire "After" sets.

Warlord CCG Informations & others informations:
I never forget my friends so a little part of the site will be dedicated for Warlord CCG/L5R and MTG.
Warlord CCG Singles cards as well as L5R CCG will be re-injected on ebay but at Fixed price asap I got time.
Check my links site page on the right in case off.Check as well my Warlord Dedicated page and join the Sagaofthestorm site in case off. Thanks !
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