Hi Guys !

"After...: We are the usurper!"
"Après...: Nous sommes les usurpateurs!"

My onw game is in process of creation.... with a bunch of brainstorming and sweats ^^

It'll be complex (but easy game... I try to let it easy...) and it'll be between a mix of board game and LCG Game (mostly the battle parts of the game).

Strategic/management/economic/diplomatic/ battle game stuff will be on your tables.

Hours of fun! to play with your friends or family !

I try to keep it as cheaper than I can so there'll be bunch of free stuff to download.
Some sealed products and other stuff will be available on site to shop.

So I continue and in the meantime I build his site.

So stay tuned guys and misses !
Works done this was a test work card.
Warlord CCG Informations:
I never forget my friends so a little part of the site will be dedicated for Warlord CCG/L5R and MTG.
Meanwhile I'm buzzy to transfer/re-create/modif some Warlord stuff for this site.
News about "After" Game evolutions:
- Mid April: All the lands has been done.
94 lands (including special things ^^)

Thoses are the lands for the first Map (Europe part).
They will be available as fixed deck or you'll be able to download some of them apart for free.
- Now I'll attack what produce each lands.
Yep yep ...
This is not mana cost but iron, wool, food etc...

This part are not cards, but got relations to them in the game for incost.
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