Hi Guys !

My own game is in process of creation.... with a bunch of brainstorming and sweats (again..)....

I'm working now as well on site for the game that normaly will be launch in 2024 (reported due to what you know surely...).

Section and explanations will appears slowly on site, because I'm working on differents plans !
Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the Storm

Cleaning definitively my Warlord CCG Stock on ebay / As well as MTG.
Need place for my own game ^^

(City of Gold and Dragon's Fury (Uncommon Cards are running in my ebay shop).

The following expensions has been arleady calculated just bellow (Ship fees tracked not included):

DF Commons = 4000 Cards Price : 180 euro / EE Uncos = 2250 cards Price: 112 euro / EE Com = 4325 cards = 190 euro/ C2A Common = 4900 cards = 220 euro / EOS Uncos = 1500 cards = 75 euro / EOS Common = 4250 cards = 190 euro / CE Uncos = 2150 cards = 107 euro / CE common = 6100 cards = 270 euro / / TOL Common = 1750 cards = 78 euro / PS Common = 3100 cards = 135 euro / LS Uncos = 2050 cards = 102 euro / LS Common cards = 5400 cards = 243 euro.

No more available:
- PS uncommons.
- Tol uncommons.
- C2A uncommons.

Use the contact link of the site to reach me or directly to

Thx !
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NEWS : 29/10/2023...

- Buzzy on to laucnh my professional state so it takes time.... ^^

After several friendly request, I got some courages to continue to work on my game.
People that still play CCG cards or boardgame in thoses difficultn times wishes something stable and honnest that's why a working on...
So patience guys all will be re-bost asap ^^

=> I'm on definitively on vacation on MKM site for MTG.
So various MTG stuff are and will be transfered asap in my ebay shop.

In process :

- "Incomes Card" (Resources), some explanations and card list online.
- "Country Cards", some explanations (as well Cities...) and card list online.
- Due to some hard programming stuff (as well for my hands...), the game will be published first in english language.
- I'm now buzzy on Military units cards (CCG part of the game)
Asap more informations.
- There'll be as well tokens.

Heu... yes I'll need to create some for a more clearer game playing technics.
So fans of tokens keep ready.
- "Things" change, the game follow the actuality so... it's possible that 2 "new countries" will be added to the game...
Strange world indeed ....

- "Zaporijjia" and "Kherson".

Added not in basic Edition but as promo card in case off. Will see...
Warlord CCG Informations & others informations:
I never forget my friends so a little part of the site will be dedicated for Warlord CCG/L5R and MTG.
L5R CCG are running in my ebay shop at fixed price.
MTG cards follow slowly but surely (LIQUIDATION CARDS TO 40% REDUCTION) Thanks.

The products of my game will be injected as well in my Ebay shop. But beter to buy them here in case off ^^

If you want to find my ebay shop click on eBay link just down.
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Warlord CCG Friend.
Mtg Friend.
L5R Friend.
There's now a Patreon page for the game. You'll be able to support the game and have access to juicy stuff ! (Subscribe not yet open).
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