Hi Guys !

My own game is in process of creation.... with a bunch of brainstorming and sweats....

Read about me, because I'm working now as well on site for the game that normaly will be launch end of 2022.

Bunch of stuff will appears slowly on site ! Ideas and texts are slowly growing, so it's for the moment a kind of brain mix before everything will be fixed ! Thanks for your patience.
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I think not sure at 100% that all of my Warlord CCG cards are on ebay.

Now I'll relax inject from time to time some L5R one... but from time to time.

I'm buzzy again on my game but Warlord inspire me so I'm buzzy on a new data base version.
Some few days of work, it will not finish but more complete ^^
Just above, as example of Play Test cards (French language) that will be used for ressources incomes for your country (if you own it ^^).
But you must build industries for that....
Anyway all will be explain as type of the cards with the time in the "After: Playing cards explanations" section just
The game is based on a the earth geographical reality state and the human managing on it . Explanations texts of countries are only present to give some historical explanations for player. The countries and "new countries" that has been created are based on autonomous regions or other special cases. They are only present to give some more fun to the AFTER GAME.

In no anyway political view or political tendencies will be given in any forms ^^

This game is there and the game is called AFTER, so it's something to build in a perhaps...., short futur but in the game !

News about "After" The Game and his evolution:
1-> June: The First deck of lands will contains exactly 85 Lands.
* Lands. (That are recoignized by ONU....)
* Including as well special cases like "Autonomous Regions".
No riots and politics here, just some more "peper and salt" to put some more fun for your parties.
All of thoises cards will be available as first fixed deck Edition

There's already some specific sup card lands that will be available for free as kind of promo "Fixed" to put some more "dynamite" in your parties.
If you have play several parties, thoses goodies will put some more "flavour".
17 Cards has been done as promo ones.

They will be available for a short time and they will be SHOWED ONLY ONCE and I think only Online (A kind of REAL "Reserve" List).


Type of cards:

*Army units cards: bunch of various type ones, that's the party battle CCG part of the game.

* A Card army place with details of it place under each of your land.

* Resources cards (Free online or ....physical ones).

* Your own personality card, yep ^^

In sup to manage your stuff ... :

* Your Managing game sheet part. (Done at 95%).

Site will be updated more and more ...
Warlord CCG Informations & others informations:
I never forget my friends so a little part of the site will be dedicated for Warlord CCG/L5R and MTG.
Warlord CCG Singles cards as well as L5R CCG will be re-injected on ebay but at Fixed price asap I got time.
Check my links site page on the right in case off.Check as well my Warlord Dedicated page and join the Sagaofthestorm site in case off. Thanks !
Warlord CCG Saga of the Storm 20th Anniversary
AEG 20th Cards single available in my ebay shop (Next time I'll call AEG to remind me to not forget to send me thoses ones......)
Art from Francisco Rico Torres.
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