Hi Guys !

"After...: We are the usurper!"
"Après...: Nous sommes les usurpateurs!"

My onw game is in process of creation.... with a bunch of brainstorming and sweats ^^

It'll be complex (but easy game... I try to let it easy...) and it'll be between a mix of board game and LCG Game (mostly the battle parts of the game).

Strategic/management/economic/diplomatic/ battle game stuff will be on your tables.

Hours of fun! to play with your friends or family !

I try to keep it as cheaper than I can so there'll be bunch of free stuff to download.
Some sealed products and other stuff will be available on site to shop.

So I continue and in the meantime I build his site.

So stay tuned guys and misses !
I never forget my friends so a little part of the site will be dedicated for Warlord CCG/L5R and MTG.
Card in Project (One Land)
Warlord CCG Informations:
Meanwhile I'm buzzy to transfer/re-create/modif some Warlord stuff for this site.
News about Game evolutions:
Buzzy on each card Lands for the moment and Game Rules.
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