About me...
Don't ask me why I have put this pic ...
But it was definitively a great one, so beautiful, peacefull place, like a kind of retirement to try (yep not always easy...) to explain what's the type of guy you have just behind your screen ^^
Got now 51 years, yep already...., time's going fast in life ...
Always difficult to describe yourself, so I'll try in a certain way, but take care it's possible that it'll be boring for you ....
So ...first important things in life: his family and friends !

Got my girlfriend (the same... ^^), since now 15 years and a great big boy that already owns 13 years.
We'll live in a small town in the Belgium campain, not so far from Waterloo (Battle of 1815, Napoléon etc....).
A peacefull place where 3 chickens are running sometimes in the garden, under surveillance of a real Rabbit that received bunch of attentions from my big dog.
So flowers, cows and sounds of church bell in the distance are floating.
Idyllic by chance for the moment...
Bunch of guys knows me since years as serious, honnest and helfull (still try... ^^) through various events, parties, discussions, trade, sites, ebay etc... etc... because I'm a player and something in my veins are always running for that !

Experiences ?!

Since I went out of school, I aalways have build stuff myself without a big school knowledge (Afa my english....) because I like to simply create.

So during my youth, I have build camps with friends; under the ground, in the trees and in of course a bunch in my mind. And in thoses camps we were playing !

It's impossible to enumarate you all the games of course, but is was RPG ("Oeil Noir" mainly..), a bunch of various boardgames, first CCG games, little soldiers battles, real strategic battles.
And the fact was that we wished to go further together.

So our simple RPG was modify, enriched with more rules, more fun and our bordgames partie was playing in an another level.
As for example, we have played a bunch of Stratego games (the old version) but with 6 plates in place off 2 with 6 players !
The Stratego is just a example of course but you see what kind of razy stuff we were able to play.
For our RPG, we were all locked in a room during a week end to playy with some "Dead can Dance" song behind under the lights of candles. It was totaly crazy. And the scenarios was not only the commercial books but as well done by me. (Yep I was the "Dungeon Master".

Pitty never played ....but always lead the dance for my friends.
Sports as well, always with the same friends like football parties against other streets teams, bikes races etc...

Even if the time has passed since, we usually see us each other every year to eat together and to have some fun moments again... like in our past.

So after have to be a music shop manager during some years in my youth just after to have finish school.
I have fall again in this "play world" because I was selling MTG cards in the same store. It was in 1996 or shortly before.

"Play world" means to play again and not only tournaments but again various evolved boardgames. Bunch of various ones and my first wife was as well in this "trip" ^^

In the meantime, the taste to play has pushed me of course to collect/to play/to sell and to discover of course other friendly guys through MTG or Warlord CCG.

So sites/forums were build by myself; Magic One (magicsphere (disapear)), Warlord CCG site, ebay account were lauch,MCM account etc...etc...
I was really really buzzy and still be because I try to find a max of time now to build one myself.


I'm boring to see "things" going to much in a commercial way and to see some friendship relations that must still be enriching going at reverse due to the way that takes this world in a kind of everyman for himself.

I like to be around a table with 6 friends, to play, to laugh, to talk, and after to eat and drink (without eccess) together.

I remember too, that we were as well playing some online stuff together. But the beter was to go a restaurant and to have fun talking about what we were playing. (Ogame afa....).
Human relations....
So after to have see how things goes badly (Covid period included), as player some olds memories have shaked again my mind..., and a crazy idea has exploded from the "deepth dark side of my crazy brain":

Why not a new kind of realistic boardgame type in this "fallen" word ?!

But now:

- It must be honnest (afa: I hate reprinted things to soon this is really don't give a damn).
- Not too expensive for a starting players.
- Bunch of free goodies with the time.
- Realistic (Yep it's the world, our "mother earth" (that we must respect by the way)).
- Full of mecanics,strateg finally possibilities.
- Were battle are play with CCG cards. Ggggg....
- Were campain are possible as well in tournaments (Yep !).
- Were you'll be define with one personality card arounbd the world with your game sucess.
- Were no one will tell you after 30 sec(while yawning): "Do you think it'll takes you more than 10' Eric to read the rules ? " (I hate that ^^)
- Were game rules try to be the more easy to learrn following a certain "game/life logic".
- Something to discover or to re-discover our planet on a geographic plane.
- And finally hours of fun in family or with friends during a fixed Turn decided before to play or a complet "destroyed game week end".

So things are on the way, and now since a few with the help of my Uncle and informatic support of Andrea (Nandeck software).

I was hoping to try to launch it before end of 2021, but we'll reach a perfect game for a long running living time so we go deeper and work harder to reach a great LCG boardgame !

So stay tuned so for more guys and Misses ....
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