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Note: Short resume about some mechanics for "ressources type cards", every explanations/definitions display here will be dispatched after in their respectives good sections.
Check as well the Glossary for terms in case off just
Some short explanations:

The first edition is never a easy thing to do because...
It's in fact, a kind of "starting point" of the entire game aspect that must be launch as a fire source and as well a introduction for further expansions and their tates.... so even if some other outside european countries will be already discover, the cards ressources starting point choice must be already cover a more large aspect of the game.

No need to talk already about afa; who's the first countries to produce the more quantities of "caoutchouc" on this planet ?...
But more and even beter, who's the countries to produce more "wine", even if it includes already other european countries.

So after to have create round of 150 differents cards of ressources based on real statistics (and it has takes us weeks....), we are finally buzzy to finalize a first good choice to have a perfect choice of ressources cards for the first edition to have a balanced/fun game environment.

Most of thoses ressources when they are in the discard ressources pile can return back but some of them can be only used just once during the game and so discarded to the end.

When I talk about ressources, most of them, will be "linked" directly to your infrastructures.
So of course...., you must have build some of them to have some returning incomes.
But not all infrastructures type will gives you incomes because some of them will be used for other game mechanics.
Heres' a short resume of "Ressources" Type cards for the first Edition (Some can be yet pending to be approved):
Pending in some few days...
3) Ressources Type Cards Data base:
4) Infrastructures Resume (Not a card):
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