In the AFTER: Game, different type of cards will be used to play:

You'll find "countries" type cards, ressources cards and army units cards (Like a perfect CCG).

* The "country cards" can be in a first "shoot" be bying or conqueer. That's two differents points of view that will be developed slightly during the different turns of the game. All of that still of course in process to be developed.

* The "ressources cards" are a card type that will generates "incomes" (After....), if you own this country and if you have build some infrasctructures of this type in one in your previous turn in this country.

* The "Army cards units", a bunch of different ones, are present to protect, or to conqueer other opponents countries.
It's the big CCG battle part of the game....

So a short explanation now about "Ressources cards".

Note that: "Country cards" are official ONU ones but I have create some more sup countries based on autonomous region and special cases to put some more salt & peper in the game.
1) The Ressources cards:
On the left side, this is a "Ressource card" that are show (a playtest one...).
This is the French version for the moment....

Let's take a look now during a few seconds....

Indeed, it's seems to be a kind of income card type for "Corn and wheat". This card will generates incomes for you but of course if you:

- Own a land that appear on the card. (Logic...).

- And if you own a ABI (Agriculture/Breeding) Infrastuctures in this country.
Because within any farm infrastuctures of this type, it's impossible for you, to collect your corn and you wheat.

Note that some special infrastructures builded can increase the bonus incomes like the VSI (Very Special Infrastructure).
And in sup of that the Exchange market can increase as well ...his value.
It's difficult to explain now.... so let's forget thoses smalls details for the moment.... ^^

Note that (as well...), the different types of infrastructures, that you can build in a country will be explain in a another section of the site. (there's 15 differents type ones).

So... finally it's a logic mechanich... and it's easy...

It's a income type card !
Incomes are based on the FAO data base, so realistic ones, and with some deeper re-search because ... I have create as well some special lands like "autonomous ones" to make the game much more "rich".

So stay tuned, you'll be surprised for sure, with other special "country" cards.

Those ressources cards are issued from a deck that are put on the table separately from the countries deck cards.

It's the ressources cards deck.
For the first basic edition normaly. round 90 ressources cards will be "shoot" and with the time, a bunch of new ones will be added.

As for resume.... and as for example:

You own the "United Kingdom" as country, you got ABI infrastructure build in it, you'll get 2790 After as incomes.

Thoses ones will be notify in your "Financial Sheet" directly at the step of the turn.
How do I have create thoses cards ? The questions and the answers !
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