After: The Game: GLOSSARY (US):
At this page you can find some short definitions for some terms used in the game :
Introduction notes:

-For complete rules about cards or terms please refer always to "Game Rules".

-Check as well if a card owns a "Erratas" that are in application.
The erratas got always priority on rules describe on card.

-Check as well if a card is format tournament legal.

AFTER it's the change name for the game. The AFTER change is not a physical change like a game bank note. All AFTER incomes or expenses must be notify clearely on your "Financial Managment Sheet". AFTER incomes can be issued directly from a country card that you own, from a incomes issued from ressources or other games ressources or mechanics.

Each after at the end of the game will gives you some final points victory.
* "Ressource" (Incomes) card:

is a physical game card that will generates incomes called "AFTER" for you and as well your for opponent(s).
If you or your opponent(s) own a infrastructure (that has been builded in a previous turn) linked to the ressources type card and if you own the country that are notify on the ressource card, you or your opponent(s) can add this value to your "Financial Management Sheet" by approval of the designed secretary.
Ressource type cards can be from various sources afa; raw materials, services, bonus, exploits etc...

If there's some special rules notify on the a "ressource" card you must follow it.
* Infrastructure (term):

is not a game card, it is a immaginary infrastructure, so a type of building that you have builded in one of your country since a previous turn. Infratructure can be build as well in a opponent country.
In this case, you must have previously signed a clear "treaty" with your opponent in a previous turn of the game.
When you build a infrastructure you must be clearly notify it in your "Management Sheet" and placed where you wish if no restrictions or banishing rules are specify for his localisation.
Most of the time, infrastructures will gives you game mechanics advantages and are used to receive incomes from "ressources" type cards.
There's several types of infrastructures like:

-SE : Stock Exchange Infrastructure.
-NI : Nuclear Infrastructure.
-MI : Military Infrastructure.
-PO : Propagande Office Infrastructure.
-SSO: Secret Service Office Infrastructure.
-HI: Hospital Infrastructure.
-EDU : Education Infrastructure.
-FIN : Financial Infrastructure.
-SP : Sport Infrastructure and related.
-CNI: Cultural Infrastructure and Nature related.
-SI : Scientific, development, technologies infrastructure.
-AI : Airport infrastructure.
-PI : Port Infrastructure.
-ABI: Agriculture infrastructure, Breeding sector infrastructure.
-FI : Fishing infrastructure.
-LIRT: Local Industries and Rail Transport.
-TOU: Tourisme infrastructure.
-EMB: Embassy infrastructure.
-VSI: Very Special infrastructure.

Each infrastructures own gives you some final victory points.
* Land (Country) type card:

is a physical game card. A land in the "AFTER game" refer to/and could be: a real existing country, a autonomous region of a country, a enclave, a specific military base, a island etc...
You have several possibilities to own a Land card: you can buy it, you can invade it if it's owned by a opponent, you can acquire it if no one has buy it.
The land still always in your possession until end of game except game mechanics that have modify this fact.
A land canno't be owned by 2 players in the meantime.
Two different players canno't be in the same land except game mechanics (attacks/Signed Treaty etc...).
You can build infrastructures in your lands, recruit military troops for your land, you can pass through lands that nobody owns, you can send troops in an another opponent land if there's a signed treaty.

Each land own gives you some final victory points.
* Military Units type (card/Term):

is a physical game card and in the meantime in a certain a figure notify in your "managment sheet". You can buy military units and placed them in a land (country) only if you own it and if a related military infrastructure has been build. It means that you canno't, of course, buy a "foot soldier" unit if you own only a AI infrastructure (Airport....).
When you buy militaries units, you must notify the type and number of them in your "management sheet" in the same country and in one city of your choice in it.
The physical military unit card itself will be used during battle against a opponent.
The game mechanics enter at this point in a CCG battle form.
Military units can be upgraded.

Each military units that you still own at the end of the game will gives you as well some final victory points.
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