As already said "After: the Game" it's a evolutive game, where "things" will change during the time.
The only way to use this evolution into the game is through official tournaments.
At this point, you'll need to be registered as official player and so you'll received your official "After: the Game Player Member card".

This "Member card" will represent you as "Usurper", will show your world ranking and your game bonus for your official parties (if they can be applicated in this or this tournaments).

It's when you play official tournaments that "things" going forward.
You acquire bonus (that's the evolutive "thing") and you have the possibility can or not to applicated them in your parties.

It can slightly be adapted for Official Tournaments (restrictions) but at this point it'll be anyway announced in the tournaments rules.

Usually the condition to win a parties is the same in Official Tournaments or between friends at home or where you wish ...

So to win a party, you must accumulate a amount of "Victory points".
If the total of them is higher than your opponent, you win the game and you'll be put you under the projectors !
A resume of them are notify anyway as for reminder in your "Managment Sheet".
Various "things" during the game will allow you thoses famous "Victory Points at the end of the last "Turn" of the game:
Note that this part of the game rules still yet in working but several details can be already showed. Some details can be perhaps "strange" but they will be discovered during playing.
1) The Total value of "After" Money notify in your "Financial Sheet".
One After = 1 Point.

2)The addition of all GDP (PIB in french) from all of your owned countries.
1 GDP = 1 Point.

3) Each Infrastructures that you owned will gives you a Fixed "Victory points".
(Amount must be yet Fixed)

4) Each signed treaty will gives you some "Victory points".
(Amount must be yet Fixed)

5) If you own the seven parts of "Somalia" countries, you'll received a Fixed "Victory Points".

6) Per X Military Units.
(This must be yet fixed in details).

7) Per X CCG Battle Units that you have win
(This must be yet fixed in details).

8) If you own a capital with 5 infrastructures builed in it, it'll allows you some fixed "Victory Points".
(This must be yet fixed in details).

... others points are Pending.
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