The "Infrastructures in "After: The Game" are a essential part of the game mechanics.
If you have perhaps read the "Country Card" explanations on the site, you know that thoses ones can only be build in a city, so of course..., in a country that you own.

But in my game things goes further... thoses ones can as well be build in a city of an another player. In this case there must be some "Signed agreement" between you, that's "the diplomatic part" of the game but I'll not go further in details for ,this part of game. Lets' stay talking about their signification and their usefullness for the game.
1) Number of infrastructures in a country ?
First, it depend of course from the number of cities available in each country.
I'll take here again as for example, the same country land as detailed in the "Country Card" Explanations: "Belgium".

"Belgium" got 8 cities available (the small number figure at the right side of the City Logo).
Per city so, you can build a maximum of 5 infrastructures.
It means here in my example, that Belgium can contains until 8 (Cities) X 5 (Infrastructures/city) = 40 Infrastructures.

But before to got them all and it's not always usefull there's some long road to make...
2) Infrastructures Restrictions or special cases:
As second point, all infrastructures are not always available for each country... This fact is based on a "cruel" reality...
So in our case just above, for Belgium there's no restrictions, this country owns various geographical details and are able to have each type of infrastructures on it.

But other countries are sometimes limited for them due to various geographical reasons or other ones... owns "Special Infrastructures" only available for them.

As for example, the "Akrotikari base", a English military base, (so a "Special Country"...) can have only military infrastructures and 2 others.
Thoses ones are MI (Military Infrastructure), PI (Port Infrastructure) and AI (Airport Infrastructure).
Other example, the "City of Vatican" will gives you one automatic infrastructure (already build) called VIS.
VSI means "Very Special infrastructure".

There's so special rules for both cases above, the Military base will produces perhpas more quickly your army units or decrease their cost and the "City of Vatican" will perhaps give some more strength to your military units.

The military units are CCG cards that will be used for your battles in your ennemies conquests.
Note that, to have a bunch of infrastructures will not means that the game will be win...

To buy a land like "Austria" to build a PI (Port Infrastructure) in it, that's not possible !
"Austria" offer perhaps other beter solutions.
And that can be well on a strategic plan !

3) Does Infrastructures have a building cost and where can I notify them if I have build one or several ?
Yes indeed they have a "After" cost, but it's not a high one.
Costs to build them must be yet specify in the rules, so it's not yet fixed.

Note that, some infrastructure in some "Special Country" are already present when you acquire or conqueer it, afa again "City of Vatican".

If you have build one of them, it'll be notify in your "Managment Sheet".
The "Managment Sheet " will be explain in an another section of the site.
4) Does I have a "After" incomes if I have build a infrastructure in one of my city ?
Yes, like a country that you own you'll received a fixed "After" incomes. But not for each type.
See Infrastructures details bellow.
5) I have 5 infrastructures in one of my city does I have a bonus ?
This is valid but only for the Capital of a country. Capital's name are colored in purple in your "Managment Sheet".

Note that, it's always a "risk" to try to reach 5 infrastructures in a capital because it'll give some "hunger" to your opponent to acquire them for free with a conquest...
6) The various "Infrastructures" types and details:
Here's a list of them for the Basic edition. It's possible of course... that new ones will be added for further expansions.
Infrastructures are not a cards of course it's a "Immaginary" building that you notify as present in your "Management Sheet".
* Stock Exchange (SE).
* Nuclear Infrastructure (NI).
* Military Infrastructure (MI).
* Propaganda Infrastructure (PO).
* Secret Service Office (SSO).
* Hospital Infrastructure (HI).
* Education Infrastructure (EDU).
* Financial Infrastructure (FIN).
* Sport Infrastructure or related (SI).
* Cultural, Nature Infrastructure or related (CNI).
* Scientific/Dvpt/Technology Infrastructure.
* Airport Infrastructure (AI).
* Port Infrastructure (PI).
* Agriculture/Breeding Sector Infrastructure (ABI).
* Fishing Sector Infrastructure (FI).
* Local Industry/Rail Infrastructure (LIRT).
* Tourisme infrastructure or related (TOU).
* Embassy Infrastructure (EMB).
* Very Special Infrastructure (VSI).

So 19 different ones for the basic Edition.
7) Their usefulness, their benefits and other aspects:
* Some of them, not all, will gives you some returning fixed "After" amount each turn, it's the case afa for the: SE/FIN/AI/PI/ABI/FI/LIRT/TOU infrastructures.
* The fact to own a "Fishing sector Infrastructure" will gives you the opportunity to received your "After" money from a "Incomes Card" '(Resources cards). In this case as for example, if the resource card "Fishing 1 (Capture) is draw and if you don't own this type of infrastructure, you'll not be able to received your "After" Incomes from this resource card.

So the various "Infrastructures" that you build or wish to build, that's the case for most of them, are linked to "Incomes Card" (Resources cards).
* Some infrastructures gives you some special benefits during the game afa for some of them:

- A "Military" Infrastructure (MI) will decrease the purchase cost of military units.
- The "Secret Service office" infrastructure (SSO) will discover you the number/type of military units in an opponent city.
- The "Embassy" Infrastructure (ENB) will gives you the opportunity to sign some mutual treaty.

This is some short examples, so you'll see that it is very complexe and there's some rich returning game interractions !
8) Infrastructures and Victory Points ?
Indeed as for the country, the infrastructures builded or that you have conqueer will gives you some "Victory points". Check
for more details.
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