To win in the game, you must win "After" money, to win those famous "After" money, you must used the countries that you have in your possession to acquire bunch of things to try to reach the "final line" and of course the victory.
But countries are not like "free energy", you must buy them, you must as well, sometimes, conqueer them and of course sometimes you'll loose some of them...

For the beginning of the game it's easy no any players owns a country...
We have begin a new ERA, a pandemic has shuffle the world and no any ancient rules works...
The World has shakes and you're the new men to control them all !

At the beginning of the game, each of you got in fact a kind of "starting base" on earth somewhere, it can be a small island, a city, a village, a house, a castle, a lost ship ....

With a Fixed big amount of "After" money in your pocket (the one notify as starting amount in your "Financial sheet") due to your previous ransack in this falling world, you're now looking around you to acquire more lands, more countries, more cities,... to be finally the new World usurper of this decaying new world.
So you need countries to increase your power and no one will stop you.
1) Now, how does thoses "Country Card" works ?
Let's begin with this simple example of playtest "Country card" just on the left !
A Short description to begin is necessary :
* Not so difficult we have the flag of the country on the left up side and the country's name. There's as well a small "Earth" logo oin the right up side of the card.
* Of course there's as well a Country plan/draw to recoignize it directly. But not only... because some more details are described in the country plan. There's indeed cities name. In our example here for Belgium, there's 8 names of cities.

The number of cities is notify on the right side of the city logo just above: it is notify 7 but it must be 8 (it's a playtest card..^^).

Thoses 8 cities will be used to build "Infrastructures" (all of them are notify in your "Managment Sheet" paper part by the way).

I'll not enter into more details for them here.
* There's as well on the left side of the country plan other informations that are usefull.
GDP is gross domestic product (in french le PNB....).
You see as well the total of population in this country.
* The price in "After" money to buy it.
* The Country number in the game for informations.
* And how many "After" it'll gives you per turn.
* The Red line that says: "Event:" is a modify number that you must add or retry for a dice result if a event has appear (Nor more explanations here about it's some sup "papers & salt").
* The Flavour text bellow is a short explanations about this country for our cultural aknowledge. Even if your parties are played in a falling unkown futur that has been shaked by a pandemic it's always useful to know where we comes from !
* Finally as for all CCG cards, the lands will be numbered. In our example here it's the land 13/85L. For special lands they are numbered and notify as well but with LS at the end.
Promo lands differently.
* A land can be as well... a Military based on earth that counts for a land (Yes...). I'll take as for example here "The Thulé Base". So you'll be surprised that the game is not "closed". Others suprises of course are keep secret !
Of course, there's no cities in a Military base but there'll be special infrastructures for some of them.
* Some lands can be only purchased if you own first his "Mother one"...
As for example, if you don't own the "United Kingdom", you are not eligible to buy "Gibraltar" or the "Akrotiri Base"...
Of course, you can conqueer it if a opponnent owns it, but that's a another story or a another part of the game.
* Countries produces "things" ! And this is the aknowledge part of the game. Who's produces the most "Spinach" in the world ? The game will teach you that. So acquire a country will open you the door to acquire "After" money through "Incomes Card" (Ressources cards).
* Note finally that some "Countries" will be not Tournament Legal due to several playability reasons.
* For the Art, usually thoses ones will be like the one above, but sometimes "Old Vintage earth maps" are used (afa: some Islands"), or for some others I have worked myself for special pics.
* The countries that you own or ...still own will gives you some "Victory points". Each country owns his own total of "Victory points".
About "Final Points" in case off, see this
link (Pending).
* Thoses "Countries card" are a part of the "boardgame system" of the game, they will be not used in the "CCG" part of the game except that battle are engaged in this or this country of course.
So just this geographical aspect will be taken.

It's possible that a "real area map" will be used in the "CCG part" of the game because battle are not the same in mountains or in a desert.
So to give some more effects or increase the reality of a battle, it's possible that I'll work on it but this part still yet pending for the moment.
2) Countries means ...that they are cities in thoses ones !
First, as small introduction for the game, the number of cities per countries has been calculated with difficulties (most of the time it's a mix of number of population and GDP and some other technical stuff that gives headache).
Except some special cases like "Military bases" quickly specify above, countries owns cities.
For thoses Military bases, it's just notify 0S after the city symbol.
That'll means that there's no cities available for this type of "country".
They got their own advantage but I'll not specify that here.

But what now !...

How does they'll interact in the game and what are their usefulness for ?
Cities ....and of course so your "Infrastructures" (in thoses ones...) are important aspect of the game because :
Infrastructures (For their various types,see this
link (Pending))
can only be build in thoses ones.
A City that contains 5 infrastructures will gives you a bonus, but's only the case for a capital of a country (Cfr "Infrastructures Explanations" on site. This will also allow you some sup "Victory Points".
Some cities (so as well the country itself) owns infrastructures restrictions. Afa "the Azores Islands" canno't own a "Stock Exchange", "Nuclear" or "Scientific" infrastructure. This is specify anyway in your "Managment Sheet" Paper for each cities...
Your cities are, in a certain way, the essence of your development and of course the base to managed your armies. Without "Country" no cities, without cities no army, without cities no infrastructures, without infrastructures no "After" Incomes from various sources...
And finally, with no any of thoses details just described above .... no "Final victory Points"...
It's not always the number of cities or countries that you own that will gives you the big "Cup of Victory", it's mostly the way to managed them correctly and it's not the only points that'll gives "Final Points".

But they are essential to move forward !
Number of cities for the Basic Edition ? Let's say something like 225 ... according and variability of course ... for the Basic Edition split per country !
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