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As you have perhaps read in this
the Ressources cards will give you incomes called in the game "After".
The first edition is never a easy thing to do because, it's in fact a kind of "starting point" and it has some results for some other aspects in the game.
All must be so calculated/thinking and it must be for sure a perfect "introduction" for further expansions.

So ...., even if some other countries than european countries are expected, the ressources cards must be a well done starting point that already cover a more large aspect of the game.

No need to talk already about afa; who's the first countries to produce the more quantities of "caoutchouc" on this planet ?...
But more and even beter, who's the countries to produce more "wine" quantities, even if it includes already other european countries on cards.

So after to have create round of 165 differents cards of ressources based on real statistics (and it has takes me some weeksand weeks....), I have finaly a first good choice of "Incomes Cards" (Ressources cards) to have a perfect balanced environment for the first edition.
For more explanations check this

or check the complete rules of the game.
Here's the first Basic Edtion "Incomes cards" list (Ressources cards) :
Notes: It's just a quick overview, Blue color ones will be special ones.
Don't forget that a "Incomes Card" are issued from various sectors. So it can primary nsector or tertiary one !
Heres' a short resume of "Ressources" Type cards for the first Edition (Some can be yet pending to be approved):
Pending in some few days...
3) Ressources Type Cards Data base:
4) Infrastructures Resume (Not a card):
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