In the AFTER: Game, there'll be different type of cards that will be used to play.

Here's the first type one; the "Incomes Card" !
You got of course incomes from Resources....
Ressources can be from various sectors (Primary, secondary, etc...).

This card will have the regular CCG size and will be used only to acquire incomes for "your pockets".
This card are not used in the "CCG turn part" of the game but only in the "Board game turn part" of the game.
The change in the game is called simply.... "After".

One random "Incomes card" (or several...) will be picked at round x of each turn and will give some you perhaps incomes if you own the country's name notify on it.
If you own this famous country ....and if you have build a Infrastructure of this "Incomes Card Type" (Sector) it's "jack Pot" for you !

This incomes will be notify in your "Financial Sheet" paper.
So some more "After" to spend for various round actions for this turn or for some future ones!

All Statistics are based on real stats, so it's not "Folk".

So a short explanation now about "Incomes cards" issued from Resources:
On the left side, you got a example of one of them in french language.... (Still a playtest card not finalize, some details can be different with the final version).

For the first basic edition, there'll be normaly something like 185 Incomes cards.
It's the big first "Incomes Cards" "shoot" for the Basic Edition.

Others cards will follow with further future expansions afa: Asia/ Africa/ Northern Asia etc.....

Let's take a look further now on it during some few seconds for some short explanations...
Complete explanations will be detailed of course in the "Rules Book" of the game....


* Easy to recognize with the terms "Time to Cash!" it's a "Incomes Card" type (from Resources). A small "Bank note" logo on the left up side.

* What about now ?
"Blé - Froment" yep in english it's "Corn and wheat".
That's the Card Title of this "Incomes card".
* I see in the white square "Primary Sector" and Infrast: ABI..
But what is it ?
"Corn and wheat" are issued from the Primary economical sector.
Infrast: ABI will means "Agriculture / Breeding Sector Infrastructure".
(There's 19 possible "Infractures" that are able to build but I'll not explain this here).
Because without this infrastructure build in this country, you cannot received your amount of "After".

* There's now a "Rules Text" just below it's says in english translation:

"A resource card has been drawn! After check, give it to your secretary. This one must check which countries are listed on it, and he must ask to the players which of them own one of these countries. If one or more infrastructures are built there, namely: (NI/HI/EDU/FIN/SP/CNI/SI/AI/PI/ABI/FI/LIRT/TOU/VSI) and this since a previous turn. The secretary will notify you the total amount of AFTER that can be added on your "Financial summary" paper.

So as for resume for the game mechanics, it will means that:

- If you own one of the country or several listed in the "Stats Square Part" and if you own a some Infrastructures in this/those country(ies),in our example here it's a "ABI" infrastructure, you can add the "After" amount indicates in your "Financial Sheet" paper.

* Finally for a more constructive game; cards are dated, numbered and codify with special things that are not present in this playtest card. For resources cards they are notify like this X/185RE.

So it's here a "Incomes" type card !

But don't forget ... if you got no country it will means that: no "Incomes Card" After jackpot !
* In the game, those value can be increased or decreased by some "Infrastructures"/ "Events" / or other game mechanics.
* Some "Incomes card" are special and can be used only one during the game and some only during some "annual period".
* The "Incomes Card" owns always the same kind of layout design, except the special ones and the.... promos ones.
There'll be no "Artist" work on them.
* A "Incomes card" (resource card) are not keep by a player, it is drawned up from the "Resources cards" pile, show to players and return back down in the same pile.
More explanations will follow asap. Anyway the "Rules book" will be there to answer to your questions and of course the Lexicon and FAQ of the site.
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