Warlord Saga of the Storm Warlord CCG
With the logo on the left side, you'll reach my own old Warlord CCG site for more explanations. Unfortunatly for various technical history reasons some links and pages are broken and the shop online is closed. So that's why a short resume of Warlord CCG on my Afterboatdlcggame site where you're just in !
Warlord CCG Magicsaleman ebay shop
If you want to grab some Warlord Saga of the Storm / Legend of the Five Rings cards, you can click on the ebay banner just one the left. You'll reach my ebay shop site where cards are on auctions on and where fiex warlord cards are running at fixed prices on (2 Differents Ebay site so).
AEG Alderac Entertainment group
Website of Alderac Entertainment (L5R/ Warlord CCG / Downtown CCg) etc...
Legend of the Five Rings Fantasy Flight Games
On the lift you got the link to Fantasy Flight Games the actual owner of "Legend of the Five Rings" (After AEG).
Magic the Gathering MTG Wizard of the Coast
Magic the Gathering Website link from Wizards of the Coast, ,a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.
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