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Warlord Saga of the Storm (A short Resume)
The Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG is one of the best and longest running CCG in activity. The game were designed by Kevin Millard and David Williams. The several first sets was published by AEG in 2001 during a period of six years until January 2008, when they announced they were ceasing its production.
AEG is as well the makers of fan-favorites CCG like Legends of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, or Doomtown.
PHOENIX Interactive GmbH, based in Germany has acquired in January 2008, the complete rights. The longer official name is almost always shortened to Warlord and the subtitle Saga of the Storm is often used informally to refer to the original base set of cards of the game.
Phoenix has rework the game environment by producing 4th Edition. If you are a new player to the game, or if you are a old one, this latest Edition is the probably the best door to begin to play. This Edition was released on July 31, 2008. The first expansions released by Phoenix after that was Shattered Empires, released in January 2009 and Crimson Coast released on April 30, 2009.
The License were acquire from Phoenix for three years. After three years, Phoenix has announced end of February 2012, that the licence will not be renewed to produce new cards.
Warlord is one of the most exciting CCG game you can find. Grab your deck, a 20-sided dice and some counters and you are all set up for a quick and brutal battle match with various creatures factions of your choice between Nothrog, Elves, Deverenian, Free Kingdom, Mercenary, Dwarves or the latest one that was introduced in the game the Chosen.
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Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the Storm.
For your Warlord Card search use the Accordlands site managed by Josh King.
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