Why a game ? Or why a new game ? Or wwhat does has pushed you to create this game ?
Indeed, some Methaphysicals questions you'll say ....

In fact, like my Facebook avatar that's on the right... (By the way... I don't use it a lot because I always done things with another ways...).
I like sheeps of course but it reminds me too much this famous french expression(1)...

So with that you have a good idea about me !
Anyway, bunch of you knows me since years with MTG/Warlord CCG or L5R.
So I'm still like I'am...
Yep in a certain way like the song.

I know it's a big title but some of my traits must be explain for the novice one that don't knows me !
Don't worried there's no danger !
Copyright unknown unfortunatly.
So let's go, I'll try to do it shortly !

(1) Expression: "Suivre comme un mouton" / "Follow like a sheep":

French explanations:

Cette expression est née suite au chapitre 7 du Quart Livre de Rabelais. L’auteur y décrit la vengeance de Panurge, qui voulait acheter un mouton au négociant Dindenault. Celui-ci refusa et se moqua longuement de son interlocuteur. Panurge finit par réussir à acquérir un mouton et pour se venger, le jeta dans la mer. Tous les autres moutons du vendeur en firent autant. Dindenault, tentant de retenir le dernier, fut emporté et se noya, tout comme ses bêtes. Le mouton étant réputé pour être un animal faible et peu intelligent, on emploie aujourd’hui cette expression pour désigner une personne qui de plie à un règlement sans réfléchir à son bien fondé.

English explanations:

This expression was born following chapter 7 of the Quart Livre by Rabelais. The author describes the revenge of Panurge, who wanted to buy a sheep from the merchant Dindenault. The latter refused and mocked his interlocutor for a long time. Panurge eventually managed to acquire a sheep and in revenge threw it into the sea. All the seller's other sheep did the same. Dindenault, trying to hold back the last one, was carried away and drowned, just like his animals. The sheep being reputed to be a weak and not very intelligent animal, this expression is used today to designate a person who complies with a regulation without considering its merits.
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